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You might start breaking a sweat when you hear "gyroscopic instruments." No need to fear! In this video we discuss the inner components of gyroscopic instruments in depth, as well as the theory behind them.




What is it and why isn't it depicted on the airspeed indicator? This 3 minute "quick lesson" goes into the Velocity vs. G-load (Vg) diagram, the factors that affect maneuvering speed, and how to calculate it!



How does my airspeed indicator know how fast I am going? How does my altimeter know what my altitude is? What is that funky-looking metal tube on the wing? This video covers all of these subjects, and then some.



Known as the most challenging landing one can do in a tailwheel airplane, once rehearsed the wheel landing can be enjoyable and helpful in crosswind situations. Ride along as I teach a student in a 1946 Aeronca 7AC Champ how to nail the wheel landing.

Be sure to check out my "Quick Lessons."

The FAR You May Be Breaking


As pilots, we are well aware that we may face punitive action if we do not abide by the Federal Aviation Regulations. However, I am surprised by how many pilots don't fully comply with one of the simplest regs. In this video we will cover that reg.



And most people thought these are already challenging enough! Ride along in a new C182T as I teach a student how to control the airplane in a complex environment where a successful go-around is crucial.

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